KT Study Club Open Enrollment NOW!

Enrollment is NOW open for MENTORSHIP

with Masters of Biological Dentistry,

Dr. Katie To and Dr. Teresa Scott. 

FINALLY! The FIRST and ONLY online and on-demand, comprehensive BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY program that you can take at your own pace, anywhere, anytime. 



LIFETIME Educational Library

Access to ALL modules of video content to watch whenever and wherever you want with lifetime access.  Go at your own pace. Review anytime you want. 


When you select the Mentorship package, you will join a private Facebook group with other dentists who are learning along with you. 

Customizable Documentation

Access to documentation from informed consents to post operative care.  You can download and customize documents to suit your practice.

What's Inside? 

Starting May 1st you will have immediate access to the first 6 modules.  A new topic will open up every 30 days until all 12 Education Modules are available. 

We have taken decades worth of knowledge, experience, and perspective and packaged them into these 12 Education Modules:

  1. Dental Ozone Therapy
  2. Safe Mercury Removal 
  3. Biological Nutrition
  4. Biological Dentistry - A Team Approach
  5. Biological Airway Dentistry
  6. Fluoride and Alternatives
  7. Homeopathy
  8. Biocompatibility 
  9. Blood Panel for Dentists
  10. Hiring Biological Dentistry Team
  11. Biological Dentistry Marketing 
  12. Building Your Referral Network


BONUS Content 

  1. The Business of Biological Dentistry
  2. Myofunctional Therapy 
  3. EAV (Electro Acupuncture According to Voll)
  4. Biological Dental Surgeries
  5. Using Silver in Biological Dental Practice
  6. New Biological Patient Exam

Your membership also includes FULL access to Dental Ozone Masterclass and Safe Mercury Removal Masterclass.

You will earn up to 46 hours of CE.


Mentorship Member

One Payment

of $7495


Mentorship Member

Six Payments

of $1495


DIY Member

One Payment

of $4995


DIY Member

Six Payments

of $995


Dr. Karishma Sheth 


This is the best way to start your biological journey. I have learned so much and so thankful for the guidance of  Dr. Katie and Dr. Teresa. 

Dr. Svetlana Usherenko 


The mentorship program has given me the best ROI for my time and money. I have saved years of learning and implementing. Join now and you will thank me later. 

Do it faster than we did!

To give you an idea, we have taken DECADES worth of learning and packaged it for you to be able to consume and implement in a year.  This not only saves you money, but it also saves you TIME, which is infinitely more precious.